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Keep in mind that number of participants for each workshop is limited!

Hello! I’ll be your tester today (13.15-14.15 and 14.45-15.45)
Come to workshop with Liudas Jankauskas and learn how quality can be improved at almost no cost for Agile Teams. Discover how feedback about quality can be visualized. Samples cases from Adform life. This topic is designed for anyone from DEV&IT, but valuable for everyone else.  

(REGISTRATION CLOSED) PMO Simulation Game (13.15-14.15)
Simulation game-step into Project Manger shoes for 1 hour! No slides, no processes-just come and play. Together with a team take "blind challenge" and clear of mines our workshop hall!

Web Components Integration To Your Application (14.15-15.15) 
How to implement web components in your current application.

API Best Practices (14.30-15.30)
API guidelines and principles. Find out more here - https://adform.atlassian.net/wiki/display/ADP/API+Guidelines
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